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A Survey On How Employees Are Wasting Time At Work – INFOGRAPHICS

How much time do employees waste when at work ? A lot more than what most people are probably thinking! I came across this awesome InfoGraphic today by Name Badges International that has many surprising stats on how people was time in the workplace. Do let us know what you feel using the comments section below. Cheers ! Time Wasting in the Workplace – An infographic by the team at

The Top 10 Most Hated Types Of Employees

There are Good employees, there are bad employees, and then there are Worst employees who totally mess up with their work. But then there is also a specie of employee in every organisation which are not liked by anyone in the organisation. They are known as “Most Hated Employees” This infographic by Jobcluster aptly puts together a very interesting list of the #10 most hated types of employees. Are you one of them ? Are you looking out for a job change ? Check out our free and custom  Read More…

Top 10 Tips To Ace Your Next Phone Interview – INFOGRAPHICS

The purpose of a phone interview is mostly to rule out candidates, not choose them (unless your candidate is out of region). So doing well enough to go to the next step isn’t actually that hard. Here is an infographic by that will surely help you prepare for your next phone interview. Source :

Do You Lie On Your Resume ? – INFOGRAPHIC

Desperate times often call for desperate measures — and in a brutal employment market, some job seekers may be tempted to falsify their work or education history in order to make themselves more attractive to potential employers. This infographic by says Atleast 46% of the resumes submitted by job applicants contains some measure of false information 70% of college student said they would lie on their resume in order to get the job they want. Do let us know if you have ever lied o  Read More…

Let’s simplify job search on LinkedIn!

This is a guest post, written by our friends at Rchilli Inc; a 360° Resume Suite brings not just a Resume Parser but a downright intuitive system that Parse, Connect, Match & Update resumes in just One Click. On-demand analytic to further refine your Recruitment. LinkedIn has now become a major job-board itself and is giving tough run to other Recruitment businesses. As per recent survey by JobVite, 94% of Recruiters use social networks in their Recruitment plans and LinkedIn is the most ef  Read More…

What are Social Resumes ? Do they work ? How do I make one ?

A Social Resume is your online presence. A Social Resume is something that you create in LinkedIn, your blog or other online locations (Facebook, Twiiter, VisualCV etc) with the objective of being noticed by recruiters who may then get in touch with you based on what they see in the content you have made available. Every 1 in 6 job seeker credit social media with landing thier current job. 1. What should a Social Resume do ? Give potential employers and clients a polished presentations of your s  Read More…